REMOVING ATOMIC PINK with Nice ‘N Easy’s “Born Blonde”

So, it’s kinda tough to tell but there’s still some very soft pink still in my hair. This is mostly because of uneven coverage, and not applying the product fast enough, but I’m actually pretty pleased with it.

BUT THE POINT IS that I went from a still very bright Atomic Pink to PLATINUM blonde in one night. My AP had only been on for a month or two. I struggled to get it out, using Prell shampoo constantly, doing several vitamin C treatments, and even using Color Oops! on it. This all left me with still very pink, and brittle hair.

My absolute FAVORITE thing about this product? Well, for one, it got my pink out. But there was also very little damage! My hair’s a little frizzy, but I’m not experience nearly as much breakage as after Color Oops and after a deep conditioner my hair’s still soft to the touch. Directly after use my hair was still in pretty good shape. Born Blonde doesn’t result in a head full of hay.

So next time you get tired with your Atomic Pink, or just want to fade it significantly this is SERIOUSLY the stuff to reach for!

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